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Ytong Caucasus was founded in 2014 and acquired the right to build an autoclave air concrete production plant that would produce air blocks under the YTONG® brand name.

In 2021, the YTONG® energy-efficient block factory was opened in Tbilisi, the total investment of the project is 55 million GEL. The factory can produce 180,000 m3 of airlocks annually, in the near future the enterprise will completely replace imports and export to Armenia.

The block is systematically sent to the R&D department of Xella, which is the center of the highest standard in the world in terms of testing aerated concrete, where air blocks manufactured in Germany are tested. Accordingly, the compliance of the block produced in our factory with the German standard is also determined here.

Xella is a leading company in the fields of quality, technology and scientific processing. The airblock is systematically sent to Xella’s R&D department, where compliance with the production standards of the airblock is checked. The technical-economic study conducted by experts showed that YTONG® products produced in Georgia fully comply with Xella’s highest standards, which are established in Berlin – Xella’s research and development center.



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