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The role of energy efficiency in construction sector

On October 31, an event called “The Importance of Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector” was held, which was organised by the “Ytong Caucasus” company. within the event
The speakers talked about energy-efficient materials and construction methods, the role of the architectural company in energy-efficient solutions, the energy efficiency of the building, and the ongoing reforms in Georgia in this regard.

It is worth noting the fact that, as of July 1, 2023, the law regarding minimum requirements for energy efficiency of buildings, parts of buildings, / elements of buildings came into force. Ytong air block, which is an energy-efficient building material, is in line with this law. Airblock is distinguished by a low thermal conductivity coefficient, which allows us to save up to 40% on utility costs; therefore, Ytong is the best solution for energy-efficient construction.

They talked about the importance of energy efficiency.

Giorgi Abulashvili – Director of the Energy Efficiency Center (EECG),
Medea Zhvania – Energy Consulting Company MES Project Manager,
Dimitri Adamia – Executive Director of “Ytong Caucasus,”
Irakli Gogokhia – Executive Director of Team Two.

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