ACC composition and structure


The block of YTONG is produced by the air-concrete, ecologically clean raw materials: quartz sand, lime (mineral), cement and/or water is used as binding agent. Alumunium powder is used at a rate  of 0.5%-0.8% by volume (depending on the pre-specified density). When AAC is mixed and cast in forms, several chemical reactions take place that give AAC its light weight (20% of the weight of concrete) and thermal properties. After the autoclaving process, the material is ready for immediate use on the construction site. Depending on its desnity, up to 80% of the volume of an AAC block is air. AAC's low density also accounts for its low structural compression strength.

Such a structure, the material has the excellent building- physical properties, high thermal and voice- isolation. High steam-conductor, wich provides comfortable micro-climate, has the highest iindicator of fireproof.